Facilities & Design
Location : Position
The list of our hi-tech equipments installed in our office


Reception: Aufnahme : is designed to welcome our guest with comfortable and friendly atmospheres to make all their visit enjoyable and pleasant. Giving you the feeling exactly like at your home.

Coffee corner: Kaffeeecke: We provide you refreshment (Tea, coffee) for free and a privacy corner while waiting.

Kid's Zone :Zone Des Zickleins: We do have kid area for your children to make their visit friendly and enjoyable.
Children's video game (Videospiel der Kinder) is also available.

Operating Room: Funktionierender Raum: is designed with the concept of both infection control and comfortable atmosphere. We offer you 13 operating rooms (3 branches). All of them are equipped with high standard equipments and apparatus.


                                          Ң úԹѹҪ : Pacific Park Robinson (Sriracha) Branch

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ҢҪ : Sriracha Branch



                                                                  ҢҾѷ : Pattaya Branch 


 Die Liste unserer HalloHi-techausrüstungen angebracht in unser Büro



          Autoclave :Autoklav

          : All autoclavable instruments must be sterilized with the modern sterilization
  equipment so called “Autoclave” approved by the ADA. This method of sterilization
  accepted world wide can kill all the microscopic organisms capable of causing disease.

         LaserSmile Equipment LaserSmile Ausrüstung

         : The LaserSmile system uses the latest, most advanced state-of-art whitening
  technology and provides gentle, safe, fast and effective whitening for you in just
  one office visit !.

          Electro-surgery and Soft tissue Laser

          Electro-Chirurgie und weicher Gewebe Laser

          : This machine is suitable for the very precise operation needed such as gum
    surgery with minimal bleeding and less pain over the traditional operation.

       Air Polisher (Micro-Abrasion) : Luft-Poliermittel (Mikro-Abnutzung

          : The mixture of a spray of air sodium bicarbonate and a water jet quickly
    remove plaque and stains without pain. It’s suitable for smoker teeth, tea/coffee-
    teeth, and any stained teeth.


           Root Apex Locator : Wurzel-Spitze Verzeichnis
           : This machine will assist your doctor treat root canal more precisely.


          Digital Oral Camera : Digital Mundkamera

          : will enable you to see any problems in your mouth the same as the doctor
    may detect. We do want to help you understand your treatment and educate you
    in the prevention of future problem.

         Dental chair and handpiece : Zahnmedizinischer Stuhl und handpiece
         : We use the modern dental chair having an infection control system named  
     “Asepsis design”.
     The quiet and smooth handpiece keep you calm and comfortable during

          Extra-Oral X-ray : Extra-Mundröntgenstrahl

         : The state- of –the-art in extra -oral x-ray technology provides the diagnostic
     images in one shot and reduces your radiation exposure over the traditional intra-
     oral X-ray. They are very useful for everyone especially Dental Implant,  
     Prosthodontic and Orthodontic patients.